Hosted Desktop for Registered Investment Advisors – IVDesk Transforms Business

Registered Investment Advisors are facing SEC compliance along with auditing and security risks like never before. Even the largest firms have found the challenges overwhelming. Until now!

IVDesk addresses all of your SEC compliance, auditing and security requirements through a robust, vertically-focused IT solution called RIA Complete. Created specifically for today’s most progressive investment and wealth management firms, our completely virtualized service transforms IT from a tactical expense into a strategic business driver.

In addition to thwarting hackers and improving overall security, RIA Complete also ensures that you can access your data securely no matter what platform you are on or your location.

Key Benefits

IVDesk has built a specific, specialized practice related to the RIA industry based on our expertise in installing and running critical applications RIAs rely on every day. This practical experience and deep understanding make us the leading IT partners in your industry.
• Complete SEC Compliance
Moving all your IT to our virtualized platform allows IVDesk to manage and monitor all of your compliance systems, operations and audits.
• Complete Reliability & Redundancy
Our unique technical infrastructure and system management make downtime a distant memory. Your systems, software and data are always available – 24/7/365.
• Complete Security
Our maximum security offering provides 100% protection but allows you to ease restrictions to accommodate individual user permission, preferences and other parameters.
• Complete Mobile Access
The ability to work from anywhere, anytime on any digital device is a key enhancement to productivity. No more VPNs and access struggles. All your current data and apps are right there with the same familiar look as your desktop!

All Your Current Applications – Available Anywhere

Our complete, virtualized approach to IT already includes over 800+ popular business applications and also accommodates your custom solutions. Don’t see one of your apps in the list below? Ask us.

Critical Applications

Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX) Advent Software
Investment View
MorningStar Office
Pro Tracker
QuickBooks Intuit
Revenue Center
Schwab Data Delivery
Telemet Orion

Advent Software
Thomson Reuters
Advent Software
Pro Tracker Software
Advent Software

Contact KDS Systems at 320.281.7033 to learn more about solving all of your SEC compliance, auditing and security requirements with IVDesk’s RIA Complete virtualized IT solution.