KDS was founded on the idea that there must be a better way to deliver technology to the wide range of businesses that we encounter. Every day I would speak with business owners who lamented their technology problems. “Last week we were down all afternoon”, or “Our server crashed and even though they said it was backed up – we lost most of our data!” These stories, and a thousand more, are all too common. They make easy bait for the next IT Salesman, but an obvious underlying issue exists. Businesses need reliable technology that they can afford, not just another promise to be broken.

I worked in Managed Services, selling Good,Better,Best support plans and managing a help-desk team. As we worked with companies to resolve their issues, and attempt to get ahead of the issues we waged a never-ending battle. We were selling “Proactive Service” just like every other tech company, but were we really delivering? I found my conscience nagging at me, knowing the promises made to sell the deal – however no matter how much time and money we threw at the issues we always dreaded the ‘Next’ issue that would turn our world upside down. It seemed like 24×7 “Support” was more like 24×7 “Waiting for the other shoe to drop”

As I assessed issues with the resolution process from top to bottom, it was clear that businesses require a wide range of technology to operate and knowledgeable for support every system their business relies on.  Unfortunately it appeared that technicians with this broad range of experience struggled to tune a system to run at the caliber that today’s business expects.  Technicians who are able to focus on a specific technology with clear boundaries are much more effective within their area of expertise.  The downside of operating with this compartmentalized management model ultimately opens the door for IT finger-pointing between technical systems and hinders the effectiveness of the overall technology operation.

KDS was founded on the premise that businesses need a single go-to to oversee and operate the technology as a system. That single point of contact needs Grade-A support for each component and is aware of how the components work individually and as a system to effectively manage and problem solve. KDS provides our clients with a Chief Technology Officer to do just that.  From a business technology perspective; we design the engine, provide the components, and operate the system as a finely tuned machine.

Jason Kallevig – Founder


Offering businesses an alternative approach to network management and leveraging business software. An early advocate of IT management via strategically leveraging automation and industry leading partners. Jason specializes in implementing cloud technologies in a succinct and scalable manner that matches your businesses IT needs of today and your visions of tomorrow.


We provide cloud backup, data protection, business continuity, and file sync services to IT channel partners. But that’s just the start of how we can help your business and clients succeed.
TDS offers a wide range of solutions that are suited to fit all business needs. Learn more about the voice and data services we offer.
COMPLETE cloud hosted IT solutions for businesses including CPA Complete, Finance Complete, and SMB Complete to suite your business.
Industry leading voice and data services delivering cloud-based, unified communication and collaboration solutions that are easily integrated into the workflow of your mobile workforce.


Interact with the KDS Team as we test new products, and promote IT well-being throughout our client base.


Digital Symmetry – Establish a Technology Plan for Your Business

WHAT is your vision of technology? Does the word strike chords of fear or resonate opportunity? If you truly owned technology at your fingertips how far would you let it take you?

KDS promotes healthy technology philosophy throughout your organization. We help you identify the IT culture within your business today and collectively establish goals towards your tomorrow.

Cloud integrated business systems enable digital infrastructure which extends the pillars of your foundation across vast geography and multiple levels of strategic partners. KDS ensures this all centrally delivered with a layered and rhythmic beat scaling from simple to complex as though a perfectly conducted orchestra. Experience life integrated sight, sound, touch as independent systems blend to form perfect harmony.

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