Eliminate the management burden of On-Premise server infrastructure and choose technology that simply scales with your business.

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KDS Cloud Service Technology Solutions

Cloud technology has the ability to transform how business operates. Properly implemented, cloud infrastructure provides a foundation which brings technology full circle to truly enabling growth and productivity of your overall operations. KDS partners with a broad range of solution providers to ensure that our clients needs are carefully considered and technology platforms operate as advertised year after year.

KDS Systems. A Virtual CDO specializing in hosted and cloud solutions ranging from specific applications to fully hosted desktops. KDS offers a wide range of hosted products and advocates on behalf of our clients offering high level strategic IT planning & perspective.

Digital Symmetry – Establish a Technology Plan for Your Business

WHAT is your vision of technology? Does the word strike chords of fear or resonate opportunity? If you truly owned technology at your fingertips how far would you let it take you?

KDS provides cloud computing and hosted technology solutions for your critical business technology needs. Businesses today struggle to manage the multiple technologies that business relies on. KDS provides your business with a Virtual Chief Digital Officer to assess your business, create a plan, manage the systems, and operate the technology plan within your organization. KDS provides technology for storage, communication, mobile sync, disaster recovery, security, connectivity and much more. Most importantly, our Virtual CDO approach promotes healthy technology philosophy throughout your organization that is secure, reliable, and affordable. KDS Systems works with you to identify the IT culture within your business today and collectively establish goals towards your tomorrow.