CPA & Accounting Firms are facing new pressure to drive cash flow and profits, enhance IT security, protect client data, and attract top talent. Even the largest firms have found these challenges overwhelming. Until now.

IVDesk has addressed all of your security, mobility and compliance concerns through development of a robust, vertically-focused IT solution called CPA Complete. Created specifically for today’s most progressive accounting firms, this completely virtualized program hosts, monitors, manages and delivers all of your business data and applications to transform IT from a tactical expense into a strategic business driver.

IVDesk has built a specific, specialized practice related to the accounting industry based on our expertise in installing and running the critical applications CPAs rely on every day. This practical experience and deep understanding of your needs make us one of the leading IT partners in the industry.

  • Save Cash, Grow Profits

    By virtualizing your IT, you move almost all of your IT to an efficient OpEx model, from dominantly CapEx. No more surprises on apps, security, server software or hardware purchases.

  • Complete Security

    Our maximum security offering provides 100% protection but allows you to ease restrictions to accommodate individual user permission, preferences and other parameters.

  • Complete Flexibility & Scalability

    Moving CapEx off the table and providing a pay-for-what-you-use solution helps you gain control of IT expenses. Now you can add new or seasonal users in just minutes for a simple monthly fee.

  • Complete Mobile Access

    The ability to work from anywhere, anytime on any digital device is a key enhancement to productivity and critical for client site activity. No more VPNs, constant access issues or expensive work stations. All your current data and apps are right there with the same familiar look as your desktop.

“IVDesk has not only improved our
firm’s productivity, but reduced our
overall IT-related costs significantly.
I hardly even think about IT anymore.”
– Jan Bjork,
Pieper, Whitaker & Bjork

All Your Current Applications – Available Anywhere
Our complete, virtualized approach to IT already includes over 800+ popular business applications and also accommodates your custom solutions. Don’t see one of your apps in the list below? Ask us.

Common Accounting Applications
Accounting CS
ATX Tax Prep
BNA Fixed Assets
BNA Income Tax Planner
CCH ProSystem fx Tax
CCH ProSystem fx Engagement
CCH ProSystem fx Document
CCH ProSystem fx Practice Management
CCH ProSystem fx Tax Scan
CCH ProSystem fx Client Data Conversions
CCH ProSystem fx Planning
CCH ProSystem fx Fixed Assets
Creative Solutions Accounting
EFTPS BP Application
File Cabinet CS
Fixed Assets CS
Judy’s TenKey
Planner CS
QuickBooks Enterprise
QuickBooks Premier
QuickBooks Pro
Sage 50
Sage 100
Tax Interest
Thomson Reuters PPC (Full Suite)
ToolBox CS
Ultra Tax
W-2/1099 Filer

Accounting Suite Expertise
IVDesk’s longstanding focus on serving the accounting industry has earned us a position as a premier implementer of the CCH ProSystem FX Suite and its associated applications. Since our inception more than a decade ago, IVDesk has successfully implemented, updated and supported these applications for a variety of financial firms. Furthermore, IVDesk has also recently emerged as a key implementer of the Thomson Reuters CS Professional Suite.
These core competencies, combined with uncompromising customer service, help IVDesk maintain its leadership in the Accounting Private Cloud environment to dramatically reduce costs and increase productivity while providing a far more secure environment.