Moving your business into the cloud allows your entire office to access your every application, every file, and business process as easily as before, if not better.

CPA Complete Forward-Thinking Accounting

Designed exclusively for CPA/Accounting firms, IVDesk’s CPA Complete offers the utmost in cybersecurity and freedom to grow your business. This vertical service takes on the burden of dealing with IT issues giving you countless hours to focus on growth.

Finance Complete  – SEC Secure Services

In the financial services market today, (RIA, Private Equity, Broker/Dealer and other types of services), the level of scrutiny around security of data, controls, procedures and policies is unprecedented/ The SEC, FINRA and other regulating agencies are ramping up requirements around cybersecurity and confidentiality.

The IVDesk architecture and service is an ideal IT solution for the financial services market. With two-factor authentication, 99.95% uptime and secure mobile access anywhere, anytime financial firms can save countless dollars and increase productivity immensely.

SMB Complete – Simplify Your Strategy

Every small to medium sized business struggles with IT in one way or another. There is too little time for application and OS upgrades, dealing with user endpoint issues along with server/router/hardware maintenance, etc.

 The IVDesk virtual architecture and service is an ideal growth enabler for any SMB company. With 99.95% uptime, two-factor authentication and secure mobile access anywhere, anytime, small to medium-sized businesses can save countless dollars and increase productivity immensely.

Always Secure.

KDS Systems, Inc partners with Minnesota based hosting provider IVDesk.  IVDesk gives your company access to a private, highly secure virtual desktop for your applications and information.

Always Available.

IVDesk makes it easy for employees to work from the office or home, their PC or mobile device. We’re the only ones who can run ALL of your applications for you and ensure 99.95 percent uptime of our hosted virtual desktop platform.

Always Affordable.

IVDesk eliminates the need for in-house IT support or expensive hourly geek squads. You pay a monthly fee and never have to buy capital IT equipment again.

Why Choose IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) provider IVDesk?

IVDesk is the safest decision you can make for hosted virtual desktop. Our trusted virtual desktop service delivers safe and secure IT while reducing IT costs by 20-40 percent over in-house solutions. That means you do not have to worry about your IT again and you can begin experiencing the true benefits of IT – boosting efficiency, lowering costs and making your job easier.

  • Safely and securely house your applications and information in our private data center.
  • Save up to 40 percent of in-house IT costs.
  • No more downtime – guaranteed.
  • Forget about IT and get back to business.
  • Finally a solution that hosts all your software.


Contact KDS Systems today by phone at (320) 281-7033 or by email at to learn how quickly and cost effectively your business can migrate to a hosted virtual desktop platform.