Powerful hosted voice and unified communications.

ManagedIP – Business Telephone System

Hosted PBX and Voice services are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate.  Advanced features combined with our reliable managed network, superior customer support, and voice-optimized technology help you get more from your business telephone system.  Hosted PBX is designed for businesses looking for a cost effective, feature-rich hosted phone system that keeps pace with current technology.  Never again experience your system becoming obsolete or unsupported.  Outlook integration, Instant Message & Presence, SMS and Call Recording are a few features built into our Hosted phone systems. Hosted PBX Services are designed for businesses looking for a cost effective, feature-rich product suite.


Get the most advanced phone systems, voice service, and data technology with no up-front capital costs.  Never worry about equipment obsolescence and only pay for what you need today and tomorrow.

One Amazing Web Admin App!

Our customer management interface is a single web app that works across any device in a user-friendly, modernized environment.  You can easily manage all of your services and settings, providing more flexibility and much less effort by your phone system administrator.  In addition, customized call reports for both inbound and outbound calling are available on a real-time basis as well as in-depth historical data.

Integrate Voice with Data – Unified Communications

Communication tools are not new.  An office phone when you are in, a cell phone when you are out.  Email when you are on, IM when you are off.  Tools to demonstrate, tools to present.  Tools to transfer and tools to share.  Unified Communication brings all these tools together into a common dashboard that works like you think – SEAMLESSLY.


Integrate presence to communication routing and handling. From simple Online/Away logic to ultra descriptive, communications are handled according to guidelines that your organization and users establish, resulting in efficient customer interactions and response time

Virtual Call Center

Powerful, skills-based routing allows you to build and scale your call center needs to any user with a simple internet connection. Route between multiple facilities, satellite offices, and remote users as if they shared a cubicle bullpen.

Mobile Device Support

Integrate mobile platforms with corporate voice, messaging, and collaboration to ensure a productive mobile workforce that is always “in the know”.

Does your business require secure, compliant communications? Are your users accustomed to the look and feel of MS Office? Is logging and recording of communications important to you?  KDS Systems identifies the distinct need of your business and offers solutions that fit your needs.  Contact Us today for a hassle-free assessment of your communications needs.