Minimize data loss with KDS Online Backup

Servers fail. Hard drives die. Laptops are lost. Can your organization afford the loss of business-critical data?  Data is the lifeblood of every business. Unfortunately, there are countless ways for businesses to lose data, including hardware and software failures, physical damage, loss, and theft. When data loss occurs, especially on critical workstations and servers, business grinds to a halt and vital accounting or customer records may be lost. The cost of data loss varies depending on industry – but in all cases, it is significant.

Fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can completely wipe out a location, along with its on-site data.

While common forms of data loss can interrupt daily operations or be isolated to a single machine or user, site-wide disasters can be the death knell for a business.  Therefore, it is imperative that businesses adopt a backup solution that includes off-site backup to the cloud.

KDS Online Backup is a business-class cloud backup service that provides file-level backup for servers and critical workstations.  KDS Online Backup meets the demanding needs of business users, with scheduling, monitoring, and alerting capabilities. Businesses that deploy KDS Online Backup rest assured with their critical data backed up to the KDS Online Cloud and have multiple recovery options in the event of data loss, including download, disk shipment, and recovery in the KDS Online Continuity Cloud.

KDS Online Backup performs incremental backups, encryption, and compression on all file types, including open files generated by Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle and other server applications. These incremental backups enable flexible and granular recovery, including current version restores, point-intime restores, and restores to specific locations.

Finally, KDS Online Backup can be installed and configured in minutes.  KDS Online Backup runs on an automated schedule, with instant alerting and email notifications when backups do not take place.  With KDS Online Backup, businesses have a simpler and more reliable way to protect critical business data.


KDS Online Backup is a business-class cloud backup service that provides file-level backup for servers and critical workstations.


  • Business-class cloud backup and recovery, providing unrivaled protection of business data
  • Backup of open file types and support for local backups, matching any business environment
  • Easy setup and management, reducing administrative burden
  • User-owned encryption keys and compliant data centers, exceeding industry standards

 KDS Online Backup Business-class cloud backup and recovery

  • Automated file-level backups of workstations, servers, laptops, and NAS devices
  • Scheduled backup to the petabyte-scale KDS Online Cloud
  • Custom schedule backups enabling multiple backups per day
  • Incremental-only, block-based backups
  • Historical versioning and deleted file retention
  • Current version restores, point-in-time restores and restores to different locations
  • Recovery from download from KDS Online Cloud
  • Recovery from disk shipment from KDS Online Cloud
  • Recovery in KDS Online Continuity Cloud