The CIO – Chief Information Officer, and CDO – Chief Digital Officer play critical roles in today’s highly technology dependent businesses. Responsibility for the overall technology strategy of the business is key to success of the business. Typically reporting to the CEO or CFO, the technology CIO/CDO is responsible for all technology within an organization, impacting staff productivity, client interaction, and the overall competitiveness in a business culture where tech proficiency often correlates directly to a business’s ability to remain viable in any given in industry.

Many businesses do not have the need or budget to staff full time CIO/CDO. KDS Systems provides a Virtual CIO/CDO to advocate for the business and maintain an informed, cohesive technology strategy that fits the needs, culture, and vision of our client’s business.

The Virtual CIO/CDO can attend board meetings, planning sessions, and high level discussions to offer insight and suggestions that help shape comprehensive overall IT strategy. It is the Virtual CIO/CDO’s responsibility to be familiar with wide range of technical platforms, specific technologies and solutions, and co-relate with the direct business needs of the business. Our clients benefit from our deep technical experience and wide variety of applications without having to pay a full time employee.

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Date: October 26, 2013
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