Initial Testing of Windows 10 has been VERY POSITIVE!!  The upgrade process is smooth, automated, and fast.  So far we have experienced NO compatibility issues.  3rd party controller apps have worked without issue and all setting have transferred.  The new Edge browser is EXTREMELY FAST.  Cortana functionality is similar to Windows Phone, however I’m not completely sure how useful she will be on a non-mobile device.  I use Cortana for everything mobile (ie “Text my daughter”, “Open Pandora”, “Call my wife”, “Remind me to get milk when I get to Target”), however I haven’t quite figured out how useful she will be on a desktop environment.
The new interface can be summed up in one word “Perfection”.  All functionality for local and internet computing is clearly organized and accessible from the Desktop view.  The Start button has returned, but is now dynamic and learns from your activity.  Similar to Windows 8, realtime information flows into the tiles and keeps you informed without actually opening an app, however the mindshift of Start Screen vs. Desktop is now integrated with the On-Demand Start button that Windows 95 – Windows 7 utilized.
Microsoft has very nearly perfected a universal platform between mobile & fixed computing, but are they missing the boat with ‘wearable’ technology?  This concept still appalls me personally,  Business continues to focus on productivity and reliability.  Doing more with less effort.  I’m looking forward to moving new and existing clients to the Windows 10 platform with confidence, and don’t expect to be purchasing many iWatch’s in the next 12-18 months.
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